Real Estate Transactions

Jeff Gilman is a licensed attorney and real estate broker and is Board Certified in commercial and residential real estate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

George Gilman is a licensed real estate broker, attorney and general partner.

The firm works for individuals, business owners and land partnerships on all commercial real estate matters.

The following are examples of real estate projects handled by the firm:

  • Draft and negotiate contracts used to buy and sell land, including raw land and improved property such as an apartment complex or office building

  • Form partnerships and limited liability companies to allow multiple persons to own and invest in real estate

  • Draft deed restrictions and amendments to restrictive covenants

  • Work with municipal utility districts on reimbursement agreements that allow a land developer to finance the cost of water and sewer infrastructure

  • Draft and negotiate lot purchase contracts between a land developer and homebuilder

  • Draft and negotiate construction contracts

  • Advise property owners on loans and loan documentation

  • Assist landlords and tenants with commercial leases

  • Advise Homeowners Associations

We enjoy working with new developers and seeing them succeed in the real estate business.

Mr. Gilman began his career at an established real estate firm where he worked for municipal utility districts, apartment developers and as a team member on major public-private projects such as the redevelopment of the Rice Hotel and the redevelopment of Allen Parkway Village.

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